Monday, 12 May 2014

My Top 10 Festival Essentials!

Hello all! So summer is coming soon as May is here and it's almost festival season! I'm super excited for summer as I'll be going to the Park Life weekender festival in Manchester and I'm really excited for it! Sooooo anyways  in the spirit of summer here are 10 of my top festival essentials I will for sure be taking with me! 


1. Asos Suede Fringe Shoulder Bag - £40.00 -
I love love love this bag! The fringe on the bottom gives it that festival/ summery look and the suede adds an extra ''oooooh'' to it, Love it has to be my number 1! :)

2. Asos Mini Fruit Watch- £15.00-
When I first saw this watch I loved it straight away! It screams ''CUTE'' and although I don't usually like really girly things, I thought for festival season it was a really good pick for only £15! :)

3. Topshop Wrap Jersey Playsuit - £24.99-
I've been In love with the pastel trend recently and one of my favourite colours at the moment is mint green. I'd love to wear this play suit for a festival as it's all in one and I won't have to worry about ''bits falling out''w while dancing and what not (problems I have with bra tops sometimes ekk!).

4. Brown Rimless Pilot Sunglasses - £7.99 -
The 'Pilot' style of sunglasses are my favourite style and the price is really good in New look for just £8. :)

5. New Look Light Blue Flamingo Print Iphone 5 Case- £4.99-
Some people may ask ''But why do you need a new case for a festival?'' well since I will be taking the majority of my photos on my Iphone, Why not make it pretty? This case is definitely for summer and amazing for just £5. :)

6.Sleek I Divine In Del Mar Vol 1-  £7.99 - Superdrug
I love this eye shadow palette. I've been practising different eye-shadow looks and I've have fun experimenting on such a colourful palette and it's affordable too. :)

7. Hunter Original Gloss Boot Pink - £90.00 - Kirt Geiger
Hunter boots are really practical for festivals as there will be a lot of mud and grass and I wouldn't want to wear for example white converse because they would probably get destroyed and I would never see them again and I would be very very sad. :'( *dramatic cry !
These boots are also good for summer as they're bright but simple so easy to pair with the mint green playsuit.

8. LOreal Colour Riche Made For Me Lipstick in ''Intense Crazy''
I already have this lipstick and it's my favourite bright pink lipstick. :) £8.19

9.Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance - £12 - Victoria Secret
I have this already and when I first smelled it I thought of summer. It's delicious and sweet and I'll definitely be using this for park life!

10.Topshop Tropical Print Hair Scrunchie - £4.00
The name says it all really! I already bought this last week and my intentions were definitely to wear this summer:)

So that's everything hope you found it somewhat interesting haha.
What are your festival essentials?

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